Bulk uploading contacts

Uploading each of your contacts individually might take you a while, so by creating an Excel or CSV spreadsheet you can upload them all in one go. Set each contact out in Excel as shown below - First name, Surname, Mobile number and add a Custom field if you'd like. 


Claire Roberts 447777777777 Inv1
Fred Jones 447777777777 Inv2
Sarah Tibbet 447777777777 Inv3
John James 447777777777 Inv4 

Once you've made your file you just need to:

- Select the ‘Groups’ tab
- Click ‘Add new’
- Enter your group name and decide whether you want to share the contact group with additional users
- Select ‘Next Step’
- Click on the 'Select a file' option and find the file you wish to add
- Tick the permissions box and then 'Upload contacts'
You'll just need to select the column headers from the dropdown options then you can process your file and  all of your contacts should be uploaded! 
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