STOP processing/allowing customers to opt-out

There are three options for stop processing:

- Include 'Opt out txt STOP to 84433' in your SMS. If anyone you've sent to texts STOP to 84433 they'll automatically be added to your blacklist. Anyone in your blacklist won't receive your SMS even if they are included in the contact group you are sending to. Any attempted messages will not be sent and no charges will be incurred. You can see more on how your blacklist works here:


- You can include one of your own mobile numbers in the text message and add 'to opt out text stop to +447xxxxxxxxx' in your SMS. You would then manually remove each person that texted stop to your mobile from your database or add them to your blacklist.


- If you are expecting a significant amount of stops you may want to use one of our virtual mobile numbers. These are £5 to set up and £5/month and as above you'd need to include 'to opt out text stop to +447xxxxxxxxx' and then remove the stop requests from your database. As this number is connected with your account, you would be able to view all replies online and download stop requests to excel to process as you needed.


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