Setting your 'from' field correctly

When setting your from field you should always make sure:

- It is 11 or fewer characters
- You use letters or numbers 
- There are no spaces
- There is no punctuation

All countries and networks have different rules and regulations, so if a test message with the above criteria is not being delivered to the handset then you may need to change your from field. 

Tips to try:

- Try a mobile number local to those receiving the message, in international format
- Try a UK mobile number, in international format (starting 44). If you don't own a UK sim card you can either purchase one yourself or we can provide you with a textburst number for £5 set up and £5/month. For more information on this please see

India and the US are two countries which have notable differences in the way from parameters must be formatted:

India only accepts messages being delivered from a valid UK mobile number. You can either purchase your own UK sim card or we can provide you with a long number for £5 set up and £5 per month. 

Any messages being delivered to the US will have their from parameter changed to a five digit US short code. Therefore, the from parameter set will not show up for your customer. 

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