Receive replies from your customers

If you'd like to receive replies from your customers through Clockwork then there are a few options:

- Clockwork Mobile Numbers are £5 to set up and £5/month (UK number only, accepts international however someone texting from outside the UK would be charged at their international text rate because of this). 
How do I get a Clockwork number? 
To purchase a Clockwork number log in to your account and click on the 'Receiving' tab > 'Add New'. 
- Free keywords on our shared short code (available in the UK only - not international). To set up a free keyword then log into your Clockwork account and click into 'Receiving' > 'Add a Keyword'

- Unique shortcodes are lot more at £800 set up and £800/month (with a 6 - 8 week lead time as these need to be set up with the networks - available in the UK only - not international).

Where will my replies be routed to?
For any inbound messaging, you'll be prompted to supply a URL for us to direct the inbound messages at. More details here on how to accept inbound messages: and
We've also just introduced email forwarding for any of your keywords (which are free by the way) and Clockwork long numbers. When you add a keyword/long number you’ll see the option to add email forwarding. You can manage your email forwarding by clicking the 'Receiving' tab > 'Email forwarding'. All of your existing long numbers and keywords can have up to 5 email addresses assigned to them.

We’d highly recommend adding to your safe senders list to reduce the chance of your messages getting caught by spam filters.

Just email us at if you have any questions about inbound messages.
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