Can I receive STOP requests with Clockwork?

Yes you can - and it's free

You can use our shared UK shortcode, 84433 to receive opt-out requests from UK numbers.  

You'll just need to set up a keyword on 84433, this will prompt you to input a URL. We'll then know where to route your STOP requests when someone you've sent to texts STOP to 844433.

We've also just introduced email forwarding, so you can have your STOP requests routed to an email address. When you add a keyword on our shortcode, you’ll see the option to add email forwarding after you’ve picked your keyword. We’d highly recommend adding to your safe senders list to reduce the chance of your messages getting caught by spam filters.

Once you've received your STOP requests you would then need to process these at your side and remove any opt out requests from your database.

To set up your keyword log in to your Clockwork account and click on ‘Receiving’ > ‘Add New’ > ‘Set up a Keyword’. 


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